a nude shooting with my wheelchair-bound friend.

Kat has a spasticity and is bound to a wheelchair. She lives a hundred percent self-determined, a very special woman in every way, content, fun, doesn’t let herself be limited by the restraints in her life. The thought of being shot naked was an all new and for sure strange idea to her being completely unable to control her movements and mimics. She cramps, she quivers, her muscles are moving uncontrollably, her body is working without her permission, sometimes against her will. A whole new kind of beauty, a whole new kind of shooting. I have known her for a long time, looking at her, talking to her for many years now, helping her out of bed, helping her eat, being in hospital, in the shower, in the sea, on top of the world together, in embarrassing, shocking, ridiculously beautiful situations, reading her lips across the room, seeing her blood, her tears, her joy, I have been shaving her legs, making jokes of her, listening to her worries, telling her mine, getting drunk with her - I have long forgotten that her facial expressions, her moves are a kind of handicap because it’s just the way I got to know her, an inseparable adherence to her personality, developing a unique kind of beauty. Though, it was a special work for both of us. We were working totally alone. Factors of time and efficiency of a shooting are completely shifted when you undress and redress your model yourself and in-between the shots, you need to carry her. Being „the model“ is completely different when you actually can’t control anything. How special it is to see Kat sitting on my window sill can only be recognized by appreciating what it cost her to get there, to stay there, calmly. One shooting takes weeks. Everything slows down. I’d like to mention that Kat was my client. Here, I was the one who simply delivered a service. I think Kat is very brave allowing me to show these photos to the world. I don’t show our results because they are special, I show our results because they are normal.